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About us

We are a small, family run business from Scotland, UK and I have been making soaps now for more years than I can remember.   I started making soaps for myself, friends and family and the need to create more and more grew as the years passed.   Eventually, after making soap for my own children and now my grandchildren and having dealt with many weird and wonderful requests, I decided to take my soaps and idea's to a number of craft fairs where I displayed my soaps and met with a great deal of enthusiasm.

After selling my entire stock over the space of 2 weeks, I enlisted the help of family to meet the demand for our soaps and we now have our own online store, ship our soap worldwide, fulfil retail and wholesale orders and create soaps for our hotel and guest house clients.   Unfortunately, we just don't seem to have the time any longer to visit craft fairs!.

We are committed to providing safe and soothing soap, without any harsh chemicals, fabulous to use for all the family, amazing to smell as well as top notch customer service via our website.   We use a variety of oils in our soaps, and only use cosmetic grade colourants and fragrances, along with tried and tested fragrance and essential oils.   All our soaps are SLS free and the Glycerin we use is vegetable derived from sustainable sources only and our suppliers are 100% RSPO certified which is great for the environment, great for nature and great for you and your skin!.